Stimulate Creativity by Changing the Scene

Stimulate creativty through new sceneryIs your creativity crummy? Are you snoozing through life? Do you do the same things day in and day out?

It’s not your fault. You get stuck in a routine. You drive the same roads to work. You see the same people every day. You rehash the already hashed. We are all creatures of habit.

Standard is stifling. Average is adequate. Mediocre is mundane.

To wrangle us awake, to shake us from our slumber, to drive us from our dormancy, change the scenery.

Add a new plant to your office. It will give it a new dynamic.

Work from a Starbucks for a day. All of your senses will be stimulated.

Change the meeting location to the golf course. The endorphins will help generate ideas (as long as you minimize the beer intake).

Kick yourself from the common to build brilliance.

To stimulate creativity, to stir new ideas, to discover new insights, change the scenery.



How to you stimulate your creativity?


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