I’m Starting a Movement and Need Your Help

Better than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World by Todd BrockdorfIt’s not a mission. It’s a movement.
It’s not a cause. It’s a crusade.
It’s not a vision. It’s a victory.

Mediocrity ends now.

It’s time to quit complacency.
It’s time to be gone with “good enough.”
It’s time to be sick of the status quo.

It’s time for something new.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd. For those who want to excel in a mediocre world. For those who want more out of life, it’s time to join the Better than Average.

The movement starts today.

Here’s where I need your help:

  1. Please consider purchasing Better than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World. Here’s the link. It’s a book that breaks the mold of traditional thinking.
  2. Please contact one friend who might appreciate this type of thing. Invite them to join this conversation.
  3. Please share this message on your favorite social or traditional media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, phone call – it doesn’t matter. Below are some suggested posts/tweets.

Thank you and I sincerely appreciate your help. Let’s get this conversation going!

Are you with me?


Todd Brockdorf
Better than Average Guy
Author, Speaker, Consultant
[email protected]

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