Be Specific in What You Want

The oldest rule in self-help literature is that “you must write down goals to achieve success.” If that idea is that old, as in as old as “the sun rises in the east and sets in the west”, why then, do we continue to read about it?

Because it works.

And, only better than average people do it.

Many people have goals. But they are not written. Unwritten goals are hopes.

Few people write down their goals. But they are vague. Unclear goals are wishes.

Rare is it to find one who writes down specific goals with an action roadmap. Those who do, have the best chance at achievement.

Be laser exact specific in what you want. Clarity breeds success.

While consulting, I find the biggest challenge of clients is their lack of clarity. They have an idea of what they hope to achieve, but it is vague. When you help someone achieve clarity, you help them reach a state of nirvana.

The world is your buffet. Be clear and take what you specifically want.

(image courtesy of Christian Gidlöf on WikiMedia)


Todd Brockdorf
Better than Average Guy
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