Sense of AccomplishmentSometimes we just need a win. It doesn’t need to be a large win. It just needs to be a win. As human beings we need to feel a sense of accomplishment. Something, ANYTHING, needs to get done. Done today. It’s that feeling of victory as we put the pen to paper and cross off one item on the To Do list.

It could be something like walking around the block for exercise. It could be paying that bill that’s been lingering. It could be cleaning the desk to prove that all of the clutter really does sit on something solid rather than magically levitates in the air.

Or, accomplishment may come from something bigger. It could be to push “Send” on that email that could change your path in life. It could be to publish that blog post that is wasting away in your computer. It could be to display your art publicly, instead of stashing it in the closet behind the winter coat that you haven’t used for years since you moved to Southern California.

We need to feel productive in some way. It’s why we work. Even if you work your job just to get a paycheck, it’s that paycheck that allows you to do your more preferred activities, like skiing, or camping, or crocheting sweaters for orphan puppies. In the end, you feel productive – you did your preferred activity. Even if you are loaded with money and don’t need to work, you still want to feel productive in some way (or so I’m told. No personal experience here.).

Go ahead. Get your victory on. Do something that’s been lingering. A weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

Do it. Do it today. Do it now.


Todd Brockdorf
Better than Average Guy
Author, Speaker, Consultant
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