What is “Better than Average”?

Better than Average is the sweet spot between Average and Extraordinary. It is the idea that people, organizations, and leaders, are recognized for their ability to excel in a world where everyone else looks, acts, and is interpreted as the same.

The Better than Average stand out not because they are weird or freakish, but because they consistently execute their daily best practices to put them ahead of their pack. They have such a pulse on their area of expertise that they are observant of others who begin to rise to meet their personal standards; that’s how they continue their improvement process to remain ahead of the crowd. In other words, they never settle.

Better than Average Bell Curve

What do you consider “Better than Average”?

For the first chapter of the forthcoming book Better than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World, send an email to me and you score it for free!


Todd Brockdorf
Better than Average Guy
Author, Speaker, Consultant
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