How to Create Relevant Value

triptikAs companies, organizations, and associations continue to struggle with the economy, there has been a ton of focus recently on “value creation”.  Loosely defined, value creation is your actions, outputs, and results which increase your worth.

As such, your company, organization, or association most likely offers “value.” But the better question is do you offer “relevant value”? In other words, can your members, customers, and employees clearly see those values which you profess and match them to benefit their situation, circumstance, and well-being?

As the world changes and evolves, so do your customers, members, and employees. What worked last year may not work this year. What was successful five years ago may not be feasible today. Do the benefits you offered yesterday still matter to the members, customers, and employees of today?

Let’s break the term “relevant value” down into its parts.

Relevant is from the Latin relevare meaning “to lessen, lighten”. Your goal as an organization is to make it easy for your customers, members, and employees. Your products, services, and results should be easy to understand, use, and interpret. They should make life simpler, straightforward, and more sincere. Are you being a burden to your customers?

Value comes from the Latin valere defined as “be strong, be well”. Members, customers, and employees, should find incredible benefit from your services. If they find only so-so benefit, when a membership term expires, a contract ends, or someone else comes along with a perceived better offer, they will jump ship. Value leads to loyalty. Loyalty leads to longevity. Are you offering a strong proposition to your customers?

What is relevancy today?

Being relevant isn’t simply a matter of creating a Facebook page and a blog. It means connecting with your customers, employees, and members on their level – how and when they choose to engage.

There are only two components to being relevant:

  1. There is a clear match between benefit and circumstance.
  2. It must be simple and easy to implement.

Once you discover those elements, you will be able to offer relevant value. How do you get their attention?

Do you matter?

Yesterday, everyone was issued a Blackberry at work. Today, you bring whatever device you want.

Yesterday, you needed to visit a record store to buy music. Today, you download it.

Yesterday, you had to sit through TV commercials. Today, you fast forward.

In the age of GPS, are you still offering TripTiks?



How do you demonstrate relevant value?


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